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Our Story

The COVID 19 pandemic, a once in a century event, has changed many things at a fundamental level. Our pre-pandemic world was in a state of constant motion and most of us did not have the time or inclination to pause and take stock. We were doing things because we had been doing them for as long as we can remember. Going to work was one such thing.

The post-pandemic lockdowns changed everything, and probably for the first time, we were forced to break the momentum of life. Finally, there was space for introspection on almost all aspects of our lives. The way we work needed a big “rethink” and the pandemic made it happen. The world woke up to the fact that everyone did not need to go to work every day. Work from home became a very viable option and was widely experimented with.

Very early into the pandemic, our founder realized that “work from home” was likely to play out as a temporary measure to counter the virus, but it was unlikely to be a lasting solution once things got back to normal. While companies have realized that it is possible for a certain section of their staff force to work remotely, and the savings it results in, and staff members have realized the benefits of savings in time and energy by doing so, there are inherent issues with the “work from home” option, the key ones being :

  1. Many people have small houses with lack of privacy.

  2. There are too many distractions.

  3. Not all remote performances can be measured.

  4. Most people still prefer to get out of their homes to go to work.

About Us

Space and time are things we take for granted, but to understand Spacetime is fundamental to understanding the nature of our universe, the arena in which everything plays out.

Space is much more than just a framework in which everything occurs. It is an aspect of reality that grows out of a network of relationships of causality…of change. Einstein’s theory of General Relativity talks about this causality being the fundamental relationship between space and time

Einstein said that Space and time are not quite what they seem…..they are dynamic….they are mobile….they can curve….expand…..but the two are really unified together.

At Spacetime we take this fundamental relationship between space and time very seriously. Our open and green spaces extend this relationship to find a near perfect balance between you and your environment….between collaboration and solitude….projecting your office as an extension of your home….encouraging you to harmonise, collaborate and maintain a work life balance.


Our Mission

The Spacetime idea was conceived to bridge the gap between the benefits and fallouts of working remotely. The idea was to replace “work from home” with “co-work near home”.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to grow pan India and become a brand that offers quality collaborative Flexi office / Managed spaces to individuals, small start ups as well as Enterprise Clients.

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Spacetime is a community where everyone is welcome.

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