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Our mission

The Spacetime idea was conceived to bridge the gap between the benefits and fallouts of working remotely. The idea was to replace “work from home” with “co-work near home”. It was to provide a shared inspirational space with a home-like atmosphere very near your home where you can work to bring out the best in you. We therefore decided to build very modern medium sized co-working spaces surrounded by dense residential communities so that people from those communities have a very viable alternative to working from home. We started our first Centre at Greater Kailash II in the year 2020 to cater to the needs of the vast population living in the surrounding areas. Over the last two years, Spacetime has set up over ten Coworking Centres and Managed Offices in South Delhi. Our mission is to set up many more such spaces in the NCR and beyond, in the near future. At the same time, Spacetime is also getting into the business building, managing and marketing co-working spaces for commercial real estate owners, under its own brand name.

Our founder Sanjeev Laroia graduated from SRCC in 1984 and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. In a work career spanning more than 30 years, Sanjeev has been a practicing accountant, a stock broker and investment advisor and an entrepreneur with ownership of a successful travel and destination marketing company. He is also an angel investor, having invested in a technology startup called Hubble, a company founded by his brother Rajiv Laroia, which is providing technology to the driverless car industry and is based out of Delaware, USA.

Our vision

Our vision is to grow pan India and become a brand that offers quality collaborative Flexi office / Managed spaces to individuals, small start ups as well as Enterprise Clients.